2007 Road Projects

  • Improve base on 8 North from CR3 east to the County Line Road (3 mi)
  • Improve base on the 2 east from Hwy 160 to the 1 South (.5 mi)
  • Improve base on the 1 South from 1 West to the 2 West (1 mi)
  • Pave Approximately .6 mi on Escondida Drive (Taxing project)
  • Complete the overlay project on the 2 east from the 7 North to the 10.5 North (Impact Fee Use)
  • CR 15 base work from Alder to Bear Creek(Impact Fee Use)
  • Skin patch and Chip Seal as funds allow
  • Place field rock on the 11 south from the 4 to the 5 East
  • Possible joint project with X-Cel energy to bury high pressure gas line on 1 south
  • Clean and repair culverts on Cat Creek and Rock Creek Roads
  • Replace bridge on 2 East and 4.5 North

All projects are tentative
Projects are listed in random order
As always Weather and Funding play significant roles
in the scheduling, execution and completion of any Road and Bridge projects