Board of County Commissioners

BOCC 021

Karla Shriver, Gene Glover, Suzanne Bothell
(District #2)   (District #3)   (District #1)


Karla L. Shriver - Chairman

Gene Glover - Vice-Chairman

Suzanne Bothell - Commissioner

925 6th Street Room 207
Del Norte, CO 81132

Phone: (719) 657-2744
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rio Grande County is governed by three County Commissioners , each representing a distinct district in the county (shown below) that is districted to have approximately similar populations. Allthough they are from specific districts they are elected by and serve the whole of Rio Grande County . The Commissioners are elected by the citizens in staggered 4 year terms and are not term limited. The Board of County Commissioners serve as both the adminstrative and policy making board for Rio Grande County . All powers of the County are excercised by the board as a whole and not any particular individual member.

Commissioner Districts
Organizational Structure of Rio Grande County