General Information

What do I, as a land owner, need to know?


All noxious weeds on your porperty must be visually (mown or sprayed) controlled BEFORE FLOWERING STAGE.


If you are a "Sensitive Person" to herbicides, you must register at: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/agplants/pesticide-sensitive-registry-facts 

ALSO, you are still responsible for controling the noxious weeds on your property.



Organic farmers and bee keepers- you are required by state law to report to your local weed control coordinator the property for which the organics and bees are located and the weed managment plan for which you intend to initiate for that area.






What we do

Rio Grande County Weed District is one of the only true "Weed Districts" in the San Luis Valley that is operational. Operational meaning, the weed district supervisor contacts those with private land containing noxious weeds and provides resources and weed managment plans to assist with meeting the control requirements set forth by the State of Colorado, and benefit for not only the land owner but for the whole of the county. 


The Rio Grande County Weed/ pest District was formed by the request of local farmers who were concerned with the health and economics of the agricultural lands within the county due to the invasive noxious weeds that were taking over. In 1963 the county was split in three districts that were in charge of controling noxious weeds within those districts(Drake pg.1). In 1970 the three districts merged into one weed and pest district for the service of all Rio Grande County. In 1990 the State of Colorado issued the Noxious Weed Act which defined that,  "Noxious weeds have become a threat to the natural resources of Colorado, as thousands of acres of crop, rangeland, and habitat for wildlife and native plant communities are being destroyed by noxious weeds each year." 35-5.5-102. Legislative declaration(1.5)(a) To this day Rio Grande County Weed District strives to control noxious weeds through intergative processes and partnering with other entities.  







Additional information shall be posted at a later time