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Emily Brown, MPH, CPH

925 6th St, Rm 101
Del Norte, CO 81132

Phone: 719-657-3352
Fax: 719-657-2286

Business Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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Public Health

Rio Grande Prevention Partners


Mission Statement: Rio Grande Prevention Partners educates the community by addressing public awareness and policy to encourage our youth to live drug free, healthy lives.


Health Equity

Health Equity Learning Series

Racial, ethnic and socioeconomic differences should not hinder a person's ability to get quality, affordable health care services.

Unfortunately, those differences do.

This learning series will educate and engage community members on these important health equity issues.

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SLV Public Health Partnership

San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership

The six Public Health Agencies of the San Luis Valley have formed a partnership to more efficiently improve health.

Click here to learn more: www.slvphp.weebly.com

Water Quality


Did you know there are resources to get your water tested?

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Baby and Me Tobacco Free

Quit Smoking with the 'Baby and Me - Tobacco Free Program'

...And Earn Free Diapers for up to One Year


Program Requirements:

    * Complete an application and submit to Rio Grande County Public Health.

    * Participate in the smoking cessation program including four classes.

    * Quit smoking during your pregnancy.

    * Agree to take a simple breath test to verify your non-smoking status.  This breath test will be repeated on a monthly basis after delivery to qualify for the vouchers.

    * After the birth of your baby, continue smoke free and receive a monthly voucher for FREE DIAPERS that can be used at Wal-Mart.

    * NO CASH BACK - vouchers are nontransferable and only for purchase of diapers.  Vouchers cannot be reproduced.


There are 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 43 of them are known cancer-causing agents.  Your unborn baby receives those poisons every time you smoke.


For more information or for an application, please call Rio Grande County Public Health at (719) 657-3352.



Potter the Otter

potter the otter 2

Potter the Otter says "Drink More Water"!


Small choices can make a big difference! After this Soda-Free Summer, when you are thirsty, try replacing soda with pure, free, refreshing water as often as you can. Your body - and your children's bodies - will thank you!


Who We Are

Prevention, people and partnerships sum up the work of local public health programs. The main purpose of public health is to make sure all of us have the opportunity to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Most public health work is population-based, meaning it focuses on improving the health of the entire community rather than addressing individual health care needs.

The mission of Rio Grande County Public Health Agency is to protect and improve the health of the people of Rio Grande County, Colorado.