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RFP - Veteran’s Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Rio Grande County    

City of Monte Vista

Rio Grande County, Colorado, Fiscal Agent

October 11, 2017

  1. Introduction

A collaboration of local governments consisting of Rio Grande County and the City of Monte Vista, located in southcentral Colorado, are seeking a qualified firm(s) to provide services to complete an engineering study of a water treatment facility (WWTF) located on the northeasterly boundary of the City of Monte Vista referred as the Veteran’s WWTF.  This engineering study would then be used to seek engineering services in the areas of design to address the findings in the study, assistance in seeking funding, and project construction management.

  1. Background

Monte Vista City owns and operates a waste water treatment facility (WWTF) north of Soldiers Home (Colorado Veterans Center/Homelake) that was built in the 1950’s for the original starch plant in the San Luis Valley.  It has been upgraded a few times but is in need of additional upgrades in order to accommodate several agricultural facilities.  At this time, the facility can only run 6 months out of the year because it is an open skimmer system and freezes over.  It also services some domestic waste from citizens along Sherman Avenue.  In order to run full time, the facility needs to be re-engineered with new pumps, aerators, and redo the existing building, winterizing it so it can work year round.  Thus revitalization of the facility and infrastructure maintenance are key features of the study.

Rio Grande County is a partner in this project as this WWTF also serves a large number of properties located in un-incorporated areas of the County.  This project has serious economic impacts for the city and the county as well.  There is an area directly east and northeast of the City of Monte Vista in Rio Grande County that has industrial development potential – particularly agriculturally related activities.  This area is located along County Road 3 East (Soldier’s Home Road).  It has a high powered gas line along that corridor as well as electricity serviced by Xcel.

Proximity Malt purchased the old Staley starch site in 2015 and has recently completed a $25MM barley malting facility.  This complex is located in the unincorporated area of the county.   It opened late July/early August of 2017.  They will have 26 employees.  They are willing to assist in the improvements to the facility.

  • Scope of Work

All specific, major components of the Request for Proposal are outlined in Exhibit A, Scope of Work.  All of the items listed in Exhibit A are the sole responsibility of the consultant; the County will not reimburse, or pay the consultant for unrelated, undocumented and/or unauthorized time or expenses. This will be a fixed contract.

The selected consultant will be part of a project team consisting of County, City of Monte Vista Public Works, and Proximity Malt staff.  Participation by all team members throughout the project is expected to encourage innovation and enhance quality and value.

  1. Proposal Requirements

In addition to other required submittals in this RFP, each proposal shall include the following:

  1. Summary Statement – Provide a brief statement that summarizes the unique qualifications of the proposer in relation to the unique and general requirements of this project. Boiler-plate Summary Statements will not be looked upon favorably.
  2. Proposed Project Team Organization and Qualifications – Provide a chart that identifies the roles of each of the Key Individual(s) involved in each phase of the project. Provide resumes for all Key Individuals on the Proposed Project Team.
  3. Proposed Project Team Performance on Past Projects and References – Provide information for at least five projects that demonstrate the proposer’s ability to accomplish this project. For each project identified, provide the following information: Owner, Description, Photo, Cost, Special Features, and Project Team Members’ involvement. Provide a reference for each project listed above who may be contacted for further information regarding the performance of the proposer’s Project Team.
  4. Proposed Project Approach – Provide a Proposed Project Approach that describes the roles and responsibilities of the proposer’s Project Team members and how the Team will work together to achieve the objectives of the project. The Proposed Project Approach should identify decision making authority and points of contact. The Proposed Project Approach should provide a Proposed Project Schedule, including schedules for individual items as applicable. The proposed project schedule shall list important dates, times and locations of meetings and submittals. The Committee will consider timely completion in the recommendation and selection of the consultant.
  5. Cost Proposal – Provide a Cost Proposal to perform the work described herein in a not-to exceed-format. Said Cost Proposal shall be a consideration in the evaluation of proposals but shall not be the sole determining factor. The Cost Proposal should include a breakdown of costs for individual tasks listed in the scope of work. The Cost proposal should be sent in a separate sealed envelope. In addition, please include an hourly cost breakdown by position for additional services that may be requested.
  1. Timeline for Proposal




  1. Any proposal not received prior to the time and date specified shall not be accepted. Proposals shall be submitted to: 

Roni Wisdom

Rio Grande County

Soldier’s Home Waste Water Treatment Plant

925 6th Street; Suite 207, Del Norte, CO  81132


  1. The following schedule outlines the overall timeframe for the RFP process:

Event                                                                     Date/Time

RFP Released                                                         October 12, 2017

Last Day to Submit Questions in writing                  November 10, 2017

Requests due                                                         December 1, 2017 5 P.M.

Review of Submittals                                              December 4 - 8, 2017

Selection of Finalists                                               December 8, 2017

Interview of Finalists, if warranted                          December 13, 2017

Recommendation of Consultant                              December 20, 2017

Announcement of Consultant                                  December 21, 2017

Contract to Rio Grande County                                December 31, 2017   

Notice to Proceed Tentatively                                  December 31, 2017 (or as soon as all contracts are signed)

Completion                                                             March 31, 2018

  1. Proposers must submit 5 (five) print copies of their proposals and 1 (one) electronic copy (PDF or Word). Fax and email proposals will not be accepted.
  1. The cover letter shall be signed by someone legally able to bind the proposer.
  1. All proposers must be properly licensed to conduct business in the State of Colorado. All proposers shall include evidence that the proposer is licensed to do business in the State of Colorado. Proof of all applicable professional licenses is required.
  1. The selected consultant will be required to enter into a written contract with the County in order to provide the services required in the RFP.
  1. While there is no mandatory pre-bid meeting with interested entities, appointments can be made with Robert Vance, City of Monte Vista for an onsite visit.
  1. All questions and requests for explanations must be submitted in writing to:

Forest Neuerburg       719-852-2692    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Robert Vance            719-852-2692     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roni Wisdom             719-657-4216    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. Evaluation Criteria

The Coalition will generally evaluate the proposals on the following items:

Proposed Project Team Organization and Qualifications 30%

Performance on Past Projects and References 20%

Project Methodology and Approach 30%

Cost 20%

General Conditions:

A selection committee (with representation from both local governments) will evaluate all timely submissions. Phone or in-person interviews may be conducted as part of the selection process.

A final ranking will be established and recommendations presented to Rio Grande County Board of County Commissioners, who as the fiscal agent will select and contract the firm or individual from the ranking list based upon recommendation from the selection committee.

Fee and scope negotiations will take place with the selected firm or individual. If an agreement is not reached, then the selected firm will be disqualified and fee and scope negotiations will begin with the next ranked firm or individual. The County reserves the right to terminate the selection process at any time and re-advertise for consulting services.

A professional Consulting Services Agreement will be entered into once a firm or individual is selected and the selected consultant will then produce proof of required insurance coverage.

The County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals at its sole discretion. In addition, the County reserves the right to select the consultant that represents the best fills the need for the project.  It is the County’ sole discretion to define best value based upon the Selection Committee’s recommendation.  The County may also waive any irregularities and informalities.

  • Attachments
  1. Scope of Work
  2. Location maps
  • Known Resources
  1. City of Monte Vista
  2. Forest Neuerburg, City Manager 719-852-2692  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Robert Vance, Public Works Director, 719-852-2692 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    1. Previous studies of the facility
  4. Rio Grande County

County:  Roni Wisdom, County Administrator  719-657-4216  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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