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Thursday, 19 March 2020 11:52

County Offices Restricted To The Public

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Rio Grande County has restricted access to the county buildings due to COVID-19. Business is still being conducted and employees will be at work.  Phone numbers have been provided on the entrance doors so the public may call the Department needed.  


ASSESSOR   719-657-3326

BUILDING DEPT  719-657-9472

CLERK/RECORDER  719-657-3334


LAND USE  719-657-4003

PUBLIC HEALTH  719-657-3352

ROAD & BRIDGE  719-852-4781

TREASURER   719-657-2747

ADMINISTRATION  719-657-2744

Monday, 09 March 2020 13:50

Keeping the Dream Alive

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Join us for our 2020 Keeping the Dream Alive event on August 8, 2020!

Planning is underway for the 14th Annual Keeping the Dream alive event. For more information or sponsorship information, call Eva at 719-657-3266 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This event began in remembrance of the efforts of Dr. Haug, the founder of the hospital.  Each year the hospital holds the event to connect with the patients and donors that help us with becoming the provider of choice and/or to thank those that continue to support the efforts of the Hospital and/or clinics.  About 400 residents and businesses turnout to attend the event.  We have over 75 businesses contribute towards the auction.



DENVER, CO — Rio Grande County Commissioner Suzanne Bothell was re-elected to serve as Chair of the Colorado Counties, Inc. Agriculture, Wildlife and Rural Affairs Steering Committee on Friday, January 24, 2020.  The Agriculture, Wildlife and Rural Affairs Committee endorses agriculture as an essential economic sector and supports activities and measures that work to ensure the profitability of agriculture and addresses such topics as wetlands, water, wildlife, rural affairs and universal access.  The term for this position expires January of 2022.

CCI is a non-profit, membership association whose purpose is to offer assistance to county commissioners and to encourage counties to work together on common issues. Governed by a board of directors consisting of eight commissioners from across the state, their focus is on information, education and legislative representation. CCI strives to keep members up to date on issues that directly impact county operations. At the same time, they work to present a united voice to the Colorado General Assembly and other government and regulatory bodies to help shape the future.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 07:31

2020 CCCA Scholarship Application

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The Colorado County Clerks Association scholarship is established to aid outstanding Colorado graduating high school seniors in furthering their education, particularly in the field of public service. The scholarships will be awarded to qualifying students on an objective and non-discriminatory basis. The scholarships will be one-time awards on a regional basis:

Central Region: Two (2) $1,000 awards. One (1) $500 award

Eastern, Southern and Western Region: One (1) $1,000 and one (1) $500 award each. 

The scholarship award may be used for educational expenses at an institution of higher learning including university, college, junior/community college, or technical institution. 
Selection Criteria:

  • Completed application.
  • 3.25 minimum grade point average (G.P.A.)
  • Participation in extracurricular, community and service activities.
  • Demonstrated financial need or hardship.

Selection Process
Students will submit applications to their county clerk of residence by the applicable deadline. Find a roster for county clerks at for contact information.

The applications are submitted by email (preferred), USPS, or in person to the County Clerk by the last Friday in March (March 27, 2020). Each Regional Chair will convene a selection committee and select the regional winners by the adopted scoring system.

Regional Chairs will email the name and contact information of the winner and 2nd and 3rd place finalists to the Executive Director by the last Friday in April (April 24, 2020). The Executive Director will notify the winners and represented county clerks and post the name of the winner on the website on May 1st.

The winner will email the institution remittance information to the Board Treasurer upon graduation. The Board Treasurer will remit the financial award directly to the institution for access in the student’s account.

Exclusions from Eligibility 
Family members of the Clerk and Recorder are not eligible for the CCCA Scholarship Award. Family members of clerk and recorder staff members may be eligible. 

Return of Scholarship Award
Scholarship Award winners must request the funds to be distributed by December 31st of the year the scholarship was awarded. If the funds are not claimed by the deadline, the second-place winner will be advanced. 

Application Process:

  1. Complete application.
  2. No later than MARCH 27, 2020, email or mail completed application to: 
    Rio Grande County Clerk
    PO Box 160 Del Norte, CO 81132
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Contact info may be found at


  3. Regions will convene and select regional winners and notify the Executive Director of the CCCA no later than the last Friday in April (April 24, 2020).
  4. Scholarship winners will be notified and posted online at by May 1st.

Click here to download the packet.

A group of current and former Rio Grande County Planning Commissioners recently gather together with Dwight Freeman and his wife Kandy to thank him for nearly forty years of volunteer service on the Planning Commission.


Dwight and Kandy moved from Oklahoma to Monte Vista in 1975 to take a job as an ag loan officer at the Monte Vista Production Credit Association.  Five years later he was offered a job with the Bank of Monte Vista where he worked with farmers and ranchers for many years.  Shortly after he came to the bank Dwight's mentor and Rio Grande County Planning Commissioner Bud Haigler unexpectedly passed away.  Dwight took over more responsibility at the bank and was also appointed to fill Bud's seat on the Planning Commission in 1980.  It wasn't long and Dwight found himself elected Chairman of the Planning Commission. 


Rio Grande County has had a tradition of filling seats on the commission with community members that have a expertise that is important for the intelligent growth and development in the County.  For that reason, at any given time, there will be farmers, ranchers, contractors, consultants and/or business men and women serving on the Planning Commission.  The purpose of this board is to work with community members as they develop ideas for growth in Rio Grande County.  The intent is not to stifle growth but to encourage ventures that will hopefully be successful and also benefit the County in a positive way. 


Throughout Dwight's long tenure the County has seen many changes that have offered challenges for promoting growth and also maintaining the rural agricultural atmosphere that many of us have enjoyed for decades.  The western part of the County transitioned from livestock and lumber to summer homes and tourism.  The southern part of the County had a large contingent of residents from the Midwest move here that were used to living in a self-sufficient style and preferred providing for their community needs mostly with nearby small businesses.  In the north portion of the County farms continued to get needs mostly with nearby small businesses.  In the north portion of the County farms continued to get larger and crops change following market trends with the main challenge being the lack of water. 


Dwight remained chairman throughout most of the these challenges.  The characteristic most appreciated by his fellow board members was Dwight's ability to conduct a meeting in a room full of community members, and sometimes non-community members, who all passionately felt that they would be impacted by the proposed business or project.  Although emotions could be high and voices sometimes loud, Dwight always knew how to control the situation and end discussions on a positive note. 


The last major project that Dwight oversaw was a professional rewrite of the Land Use Code Book.  This project was meant to replace a code book, which was sometimes confusing and contradictory and had been updated many times, with one that was well organized and designed for easy change in the future.  The process took over a year to complete and was approved in December. 


Dwight and Kandy may now move to Parker and enjoy retirement with their daughter's family and know that he left the Rio Grande County Planning Commission with the tools and knowledge to move forward for another forty years.  Thanks Dwight!!


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Tuesday, 18 June 2019 14:27

2019 OHV Amendment Resolution & Map

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We have amended our OHV Resolution, check out

OHV Resolution Map 

For more information.

Thank you!

Rio Grande County Department of Social Services IV-D Child Support staff received the Colorado Family Support Council’s Outstanding Medium Size County award for 2018-2019 on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at the annual IV-D Conference.  Carolyn Gonzales received the Lump Sum award for a Medium Size County for 2018-2019 for collecting $112,713.27.  Staff also received the award from the Colorado Department of Human Services for Mineral County for meeting all four IV-D Task Force performance measurers for 2018 for CSTAT. Congratulations to this staff!

 rgc  rgc2a

Suzanne Bothell has been appointed to the Homeland Security and All-Hazards Advisory Committee "HSAC" as the Colorado Counties Incorporated representative, for a 2 year term through 2021.  

County representation is important to this committee and CCI appreciates Commissioner Bothell and her ongoing committment to the work ahead.


If you have any questions please contact Commissioner Bothell. 

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