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Armando Ross
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All noxious weeds on your porperty must be visually (mown or sprayed)


If you are a "Sensitive Person" to herbicides, you must register at:


ALSO, you are still responsible for controling the noxious weeds on your property.


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What we do

Rio Grande County Weed District is a special district that provides noxious weed control, education and resources as a service to our county constituants. According to the Colorado Noxious Weed Act (C.R.S 35-5.5 ) all counties should provide a noxious weed management plan and resources to provide control actions to control these noxious weeds. The Colorado Dept of Ag supplies a list of determined noxious weeds that must be controlled, these weeds are a threat to agriculture, livestock and humans. They are categorized as noxious because they are non native, toxic to humans and/ or livestock, and are invasive. The Rio Grande County Weed District provides inspections, noxious weed identification, mapping, spray services, and many other resources to guide our constiuants on the right path for weed control. 


The Rio Grande County Weed/ pest District was formed by the request of local farmers who were concerned with the health and economics of the agricultural lands within the county due to the invasive noxious weeds. In 1963 the county was split in three noxious weed control districts. In 1970 the three districts merged into one weed and pest district for the service of all Rio Grande County. During the same year the State of Colorado issued the Noxious Weed Act which defined that,  "Noxious weeds have become a threat to the natural resources of Colorado, as thousands of acres of crop, rangeland, and habitat for wildlife and native plant communities are being destroyed by noxious weeds each year." 35-5.5-102. Legislative declaration(1.5)(a) To this day Rio Grande County Weed District strives to control noxious weeds through intergative processes and partnering with other entities.  

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* Final report of 2019 CDA NWF GRANT is DUE Oct 14th 2019 by the end of the
business day.
* Puncture Vine ( Goat heads) Is now on the list for control, please scroll below and find
requirements and control suggestions